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THE MYSTERY CLOUD.The supernatural cloud formed bythe seven Angels after meeting with Brother Branham 40 miles northeast of Tucson, Arizona on February 28,1963

All down through human history God has use "signs" in his dealings with man. At no time has God ever given a "sign" just for the sake of giving a sign. There has alway been, and always will be a "Divine Motive" and a "Divine Objective" behind EVERY SIGN that God sends. No "sign" points to itself - it's designed to forward the beholder on further up the road, or to draw your attention to something else other than itself.All Bible readers are aware of the many times wherein God has used "signs" to get the attention of the people when He had some important Message for them. In Exodus 4:8 the Prophet, Moses was given "Two Signs". The Prophets themselves became "Signs", pointing the People to the "WORD For Their Day". The Pillar of Fire by night and the Pillar of CLOUD by day were "signs" of the Presence of God WITH the People of Israel in the Wilderness. In Exodus 31:17 we find that the keeping of the Saturday Sabbath became a "sign" of the covenant between 'God' and the 'children of Israel'.The Scriptures prophecy of "signs" in the Heavens above and in the earth beneath, pointing to the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for not recognizing "in THEIR DAY" the "signs of the times". They MISSED the First Coming of The Lord Jesus Christ BECAUSE they FAILED to rightly discern the "SIGNS" of "The TIMES" in which they lived.This Age in which we NOW live is NO EXCEPTION to the rule. TRUE to HIS own Pattern, God Prophecied of "Signs" to come in the last days Pointing to the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus. The MESSAGE which followed that 'sign' would ANNOUNCE to the Believers, "Behold The BrideGroom Cometh.".

On February 28, 1963, shortly before the sun set in the Western skies of Arizona, a "SIGN" appeared in the heavens. A strikingly Beautiful, YET MYSTERIOUS CLOUD swept Northward across the State. Startled by it's strange shape many people took pictures of it. Alerted to it's presence, scientists began to study the Cloud. They issued a public call for copies of the pictures taken. Eighty-five different photographs of this cloud, taken from 35 different positions were received. After all their scientific data had been collected and studied, the CLOUD remained a MYSTERY. They calculated the CLOUD to be about 50 miles long, 30 miles wide and 26 miles high. Scientists stated that at 26 miles high it is impossible for a cloud to form because it is outside the earth's atmosphere. Careful investigation proved that there were no rockets, high flying aircraft or space equipment operating in the area at that time, to form such a Cloud.

This photograph (left photo) appeared on the cover of "Science Magazine", 19th April 1963, in "Life Magazine", 17th May 1963, and in the "London Observer". The" Encyclopedia Britannica" also recorded details of this cloud in their 1965 year book.

The reason for the interest was that the massive cloud hung in a blue sky at a high altitude in which no moisture exists to form a cloud. No feasible explanation was ever offered by scientific enquiries. To this day "That Cloud" remains a mystery to ALL except those who Believe WHAT God has done in these last days.

The ONLY Explanation For The Cloud

According to Scripture, as recorded in Malachi 4:5-6; Luke 17:30 and Revelation 10:7, God promised that in the last days before the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ for the Church, He would send a Prophet to restore the hearts of His children back to the fullness of His Word. Thus preparing them for the Resurrection and Rapture of the Bride of Christ.By "The WORD" and by "Signs and Wonders", even by the manifestation of the "Mesaiah Sign", William Marrion Branham has been vindicated to be that Prophet. Like John the Baptist, foreruning the FIRST COMING of the Lord Jesus, William M. Branham came in the Spirit and power of Elijah, as promised in the above Scriptures to forerun the SECOND COMING. Through this Prophet's ministry God confirmed HIS WORD for THIS DAY.

About two months before the formation of The Cloud above Sunset Mountain, in Arizona, God called His Prophet aside on the morning of December 22nd. 1962 and showed him a Vision of Seven Mighty Angels coming from eternity to Commission him for the Opening of The Seven Seals of Revelation, chapters 5 to 8, and 10:1-7. The unveiling of the Mystery of the Seven Seals is of vital importance to every believer who awaits the Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Resurrection and Rapture which acompany that Coming.

During the first week of January 1963 Brother Branham, following the instructions given by God, through Another Vision arrived in Tucson, Arizona with his family. In that same month, at a Convention held in Phoenix, he related the details of "The Vision Of The Coming Of The Seven Angels" and told the people present that they were to watch because something was going to happen.

And on February 28, 1963 it happened - about 40 miles north west of Tuscon - when Seven Mighty Angels came from the heavens at the speed of light. Brother Branham said the 'sound' was like the sound of a jet breaking through the sound barrier. He was caught up into the midst of these Seven Angels. When counting from left to right, it was the Seventh Angel who spoke saying: "Return to Jeffersonville! The Seven Seals of the Seven Mysteries will be Opened. One by one WE will bring the Message." Once again, an Angel from the Presence of God had come to Commission the Prophet to move forward into another phase of the End-Time Ministry. The Scientists and the World in general saw only a Mysterious Cloud, but the Prophet and the Bride saw a Cloud of Seven Angels, holding the Mystery of the Seven Seals, revealing Jesus Christ, the Heavenly Bridegroom to His earthly Bride.

For a detailed account of the Vision and Actual Coming of the Angels, Please follow the following link to The Cloud Of Angels But before we close this page let's consider one more aspect of the Cloud of Angels. Let's look carefully at the shape of the Cloud formed by the Appearance of the Angels as they descended.

One day while looking at the picture of the "Cloud Of Angels", the Voice instructed Brother Branham to turn the picture clockwise to the right. It was then that he noticed the appearance of the head(BELOW THIS PAGE) of Christ as depicted in Hoffman's "Christ at 33" - the picture shown at the top of our Home Page. But there was 'one' difference - the color of His hair. In the supernatural picture of the Cloud, His hair is as white as snow, fulfilling exactly Revelation 1:14...

14. His head and his hair were WHITE like wool, as white as snow;..."

John's Revelation of Jesus as depicted in Revelation Chapter one is that of a Judge. The White hair representing Supreme Authority and the golden girdle around the breasts indicates a judge, not a priest. The CLOUD is a true 'sign' and 'identification' of the Endtime, 'vindicating' the Endtime Prophet, the Endtime Message, and "The Day Of Vengenance Of Our God".

The original photographs and the glossy prints of The Cloud of Angels reveal the full face of the Lord Jesus Christ as the picture is viewed from the side (right photo). It should cause us, who desire to be found in the perfect will of the Lord, to ask God to reveal to us, by His Holy Spirit, the Truth of this supernatural cloud to our hearts. If the Lord has sent His Prophet, it is absolutely necessary for every child of God to be walking in the Light (Word) sent to us through that Prophet.

Denominational, inter-denominational and non-denominational teaching may be opposed to such truths but God is not bound by the doctrines of men. His Word HAS come to pass exactly as recorded in the Word of God; It is absolutely necessary for us to receive whom God has sent. The Bible tells us... "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that receiveth whomsoever I send receiveth me; and he that receiveth me receiveth Him that sent Me." (John 13:20) If we have been 'Truly' filled with the Holy Ghost or seek such an experience, then God will surely cause us to receive what He has done.

To write in detail of all the events surrounding this supernatural cloud picture would require a small book, and what has been said is intended only as a summary; For a detailed account of these things as told by Brother Branham himself, we recommend that you obtain the printed or recorded copies of the following Messages:

Is This The Time Of The End, Sirs?"
December 30, 1962
Branham Tabernacle
Jeffersonville, Indiana

Doing God A service Without His Will
November 27, 1965
Full Gospel Buisness Men's Convention
Shreveport, Louisiana

Spiritual Food In Due Season
July 18, 1965e
Branham Tabernacle
Jeffersonville, Indiana

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